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We thoroughly research the most appropriate locations to visit and we select the very best and most knowledgeable guides. We work closely with group leaders to ensure tours are successful, fascinating and highly educational. Tour types include:

Educational tours

Australia-Naturally Travel arranges general or in-depth tours for universities, colleges and schools around the world, researching the most appropriate venues and experiences throughout Australia for each. Fields include marine and land biology, anthropology, animal science, geology, communications, sports, business and history. Some of our trips qualify for university and college credits.


Itineraries are available for:

Marine and Land Biology

Marine and Land Biology

North Queensland’s tropical rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef are unique. Travellers can stay on Lizard Island and visit the university research station; journey to Sydney and see temperate rainforests in the nearby Blue Mountains.



The opportunity to study Australian Aboriginal culture – both historical and contemporary – involves talking with Aboriginal people, young and old; learning about their customs; how they make artifacts and bush medicines; visiting museums and an Aboriginal community.


Literature and Culture

Travelers visit museums and art galleries; talk with authors; explore the countryside that has inspired many artistic endeavors. These tours mainly take place around Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

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Groups meet with business people, including expatriates from their country of origin who have successfully established businesses in Australia. These tours focus mainly on Cairns and Sydney or Melbourne and Sydney.

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